Learn Forex and Trading Basics for Beginners

Learn Forex and Trading Basics for Beginners, Forex is a huge market in which foreign exchange takes place. The term “forex” refers to currency trading only. It does not indicate all operations on currencies. The market operations in trading, speculation, hedging, and the development of communications and modern technology in the current era, Forex Trading Many real opportunities for anyone and in any given year, what you need is a computer connected to the Internet and The Forex Master Levels Trading Platform.

In 1971, Richard Nixon, President of the United States of America, expressed his dissatisfaction with the ease of conversion from the US dollar to gold. The Simthonian Agreement was signed in Washington DC in December 1971, which included changing the volatility ratio against the dollar from 1% to 1%. 4.5% and 9% for the dollar-free pairs, which put an end to the pair price stability system. These reforms were aimed at liberalizing the price of gold and exchange rates were fixed according to the gold price standard prior to these changes. For different currency pairs, resulted from You have created a new activity which is Forex trading, so that currency prices do not depend on the prices of gold, while relying on the supply and demand in the market on different currencies, and a new agreement was signed on the international currency system in the form of amendments to the IMF agreement in early 1976 during the meeting The IMF’s ministers in Kingston, but some countries have expressed their rejection on the peg to the dollar and gold, and in 1978 the IMF agreed to these conditions, and since it was approved currency fluctuations became the principle of trading in the Forex market, and the new system is based on currencies Determine the size of the force The funds of the countries participating in the agreement are linked to the official value of gold, and the currency market has begun to be traded at flexible prices.

The establishment of the interest rate system has made central banks the right to influence currency exchange rates and influence the economic situation in the country through the implementation of certain measures. Exporters, importers and banks become involved in the liquidity of the currency and control its price. Was positive or the opposite.


Daily Forex Trading Volume:

In fact, there are no accurate and correct figures as there are no mandatory conditions for publishing or recording transaction data, but in 2005-06 the volume of trading in the daily Forex market was estimated at between $ 2 trillion and $ 4 trillion, Money to the margin trading system, which allows contracts to amounts beyond the real funds from both parties, and away from the objectives of operations, the large volume of trading guarantees high liquidity for the Forex market, and there are many characteristics in the margin trading is: No hierarchy, no need to capital Large, adjustable rate of profit and lettuce Rh, similarity operations are not in need of continuing education, and has become an attractive trading margin to start trading in the Forex market with a little money thanks to those distinctive characteristics.

You can define yourself in the currency market by demo accounts. For this purpose, you will only need to choose a broker you wish to deal with, install a trading platform and then register a demo account. Any business that generates profits or losses. Learn well and study the Forex market.

Learn to trade as a professional

Among the rapid trend gainer Review tools and areas that enable the person to learn well in the field of Forex is the presence of conferences and exhibitions specialized in the field of currency trading, which is held in the Arab countries sometimes, and these exhibitions are many of the workshops and lectures and meetings offered by several companies engaged in trading and major financial institutions Around the world, as well as the participation of Forex trading experts as well as a number of international banks. Therefore, there are real and great opportunities to develop their ability and to feed the person’s information in the event of such exhibitions and conferences, and a great opportunity to identify and communicate with big traders with Experience deep and take advantage of their experiences, which may develop the capabilities person on trading in the currency market more professional.

Be very interested in following the agenda of the conference and registration and select the most important lectures and activities that you intend to attend and use them and set the time and accuracy in your own notebook so as not to miss something, and be careful in your choice of activities and workshops that are difficult to attend only in exhibitions and conferences, Your choice of any activity you can attend at any time outside the conference to get the most out of your available time and conference time in most cases as the conference is organized within a period of not more than one week.

Communicate with professionals and experts as much as possible in order to gain the most information and experience. It is therefore very important to be keen to attend the exhibition from the first day and register the membership until the last day of the conference so that you do not lack any important effectiveness and always remember that the time of the conference is tight and not repeated frequently In Arab Countries.

If you can evaluate at the same hotel where the conference is organized, it is much better to be able to spend most of the time with Forex experts and professionals from around the world who usually stay in the same hotel and thus strengthen your relationship more and get a lot of information Experiences.

Conduct professionally with the fairs and conferences events. The owners of brokering companies are keen to follow up the new participants and provide their services and attract them to work with them and treat you in a professional manner that provides you with more of the best offers, as opposed to the conference and participate in the spirit of visitors and amateurs just for free time.

Print Business Card “Business Cards” so you can present yourself to experts and business owners at the time of interview and acquaintance.

It is also important that you get some electronic media for the conference activities, especially those that you did not attend to get more benefit. You can also acquire some electronic media for the workshops you attended, so that it is easy to review while you work and practice the strategies and applications you have learned. The hard you can use it in time for you.

Try to get personal cards for all Forex professionals and experts who can reach them and get acquainted with them during the conference, and make sure to request the data of companies participating in the exhibition and the conference so that you can communicate with them easily after the conclusion of the conference.

Learn Trading, What Are the Basics of Trading for Beginners?

Base Currency and Counter Currency:
One of the most important fundamentals that a novice trader should know in Forex is that the trading process is to buy a particular currency and sell a certain currency at the same time, because the exchange rate is determined by the price of another currency. The base is the first currency and the corresponding currency is the second currency. We consider the currency pair to be one unit you can handle on a buy and sell basis. We all know that there are 4 major pairs of currencies in the currency market: USD / JPY, EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CHF.

Demo account:
Trading companies or brokerage offers within the offer to beginner traders As we explained in previous articles that the demo account is a non-real account but be identical in everything with the real Secret Profit Matrix account and connects you directly as a currency trader already in the real market and be able to carry out buying and selling in the same manner You will trade in the market and use a real account. The difference is that you are trading in a demo account that trades only with real capital. This allows you to practice forex trading with full calmness and calmness so that you can train and learn well without fear or concern that you lose your top score. No For experience, beginners are always advised to continue using demo accounts even after creating real accounts.

Open a demo account and trade

Exchange rate determinants:

Differences in inflation rate:
There is a conventional economic rule that suggests that a person with a consistently low level of inflation has a stronger purchasing power than other countries’ currencies and records a higher level against the world currency, the US dollar, and we always see that Japan, Germany and Switzerland have low inflation levels According to global statistics adopted in the last half of the 20th century, and thus the purchasing power of its currency is large, on the other hand, the United States and Canada record high inflation levels and thus reduce the purchasing power of their basic currencies, namely the US dollar and Canadian on To order, known as economic inflation uptrend necessarily accompanied by an increase in the interest rate.

Interest rate difference:
We found that the difference in inflation, interest rate, and exchange rates is an integrated triad that is affected and affects all the changes that occur in one of the parties. Any manipulation done by some financial institutions, for example, in one of these factors will inevitably affect the other workers. In the economy it is known that the variable interest rate will affect Inflation also strongly affects the currency and interest rate as it increases the opportunity for borrowers to get a higher return against a reverse position in another country with a fixed rate of interest, so note that Switzerland, which has a high interest rate attracts foreign capital easily and more investments and Bank deposits because they offer higher returns, while it is important to note that the effect of the exchange rate when it rises reduces the impact of inflation in this country much higher than other countries or when other factors lead to devaluation. The interest rate is a very influential factor in our country. We can follow the difference between regular banks and foreign banks, as well as banks that are known as Islamic banks, and the difference between them is always the difference in interest rates. Ordinary banks put a higher rate of interest P To loans to customers and businesses and to debt so that the inflation rate in the economy over time, while Islamic banks set the rate of interest zero or perhaps closer to zero motivated by the addition of fixed returns or specific benefits, while making the returns and benefits are always changing, World Bank, IMF and other international financial institutions that provide financial assistance to countries facing economic crises will find that the most important thing to be adopted in the agreement is the interest rate charged on the loan to the state.

Forex News:

When you start trading in Forex, you are interested in good learning and training on the technical analysis of Forex trading platform indicators. We always encourage interest in this and continue to learn everything new about anything related to it, but this does not mean giving up attention to other key indicators And have a strong impact on the movement of the market, and the most important of these factors are the economic and political news that may affect the market significantly, and when the novice trader real trades with a real account will find significant changes and fluctuations by the news side and begins to assess the importance, and any To know that leaving one of the analysis and only one of them is a very wrong behavior and result in the lack of appreciation of the correct circulation and therefore a wrong decision leads the trader to lose often, both technical and news analysis are combined in the assessment of the correct position, The news is released directly because of its direct impact on the trading market, which appears immediately after the economic news or important report or evolution of the policy of a superpower, and the reason why everyone to trade at this time is that Forex traders react directly to the news and therefore if they H Your father is technically correct and your news is sound. Your chances of making profit will be higher and greater than the rest of the time when the market moves quietly. On the other hand, there are negatives in trading based solely on news analyzes. For example, some brokers Forex, whether they are brokers or individuals to increase their spread in light of the market changes that follow any news and this will strongly influence your Bitcoin Mentor Club trading, and other drawbacks in your reliance on news analysis is the exposure of many times of the so-called sliding, Fast for the market index And may be specific to the development of a request and believes that the market is moving towards a different price at all and quickly, and also from the downside news is the fluctuation that sometimes occur within the market, as you find that the price swings up and down before settling on one direction, but that situation May bear many profits at the same time to those who check his accounts as much as possible.

The news that we consider to be important and require attention and focus on it well in forex trading is news on the inflation rates issued by the governments of the countries of the major economies, and all the news and reports issued by the Federal Reserve (the Central Bank) and central banks in the superpowers such as Britain, As well as news of major natural disasters, political tensions, wars and news of stock and bond markets, and also the most important economic news are reports issued by the European Commission and the European Union and performance reports Economic reports for Europe, the US, Australia and Japan, trade reports among the world’s countries, and follow-up of new job data, interest rate reports and unemployment rates.