6 Ways To Bring Thousands Of Visitors To Your Everlesson Website

1. Make your site design unique

You can not ignore the shape of the site in the psychological impact on visitors, usually professional design is simple not exaggerated, when readers look at the code, the first thing they judge the code is what (feel) towards them from the form of design and then from the perspective (User Experience) or User Experience (UX). Sites that use virtual templates provided by companies designed for scripting (such as the default WordPress template) or that use the dreaded handle shape lose many of their visitors. Unfortunately, there are hundreds or even thousands of Arab designs that have the least trust, the average time spent on the everlesson review site, the fewer pages a visitor browses, and the less desire to share the content of the site with others.

As for the sites that were designed by the owners of the design has happened with the exact opposite, and received amazing results in the near and long term ..

If you’re looking for a designer who can help you improve the quality of your blog, we can certainly help you with Digital Business. Please feel free to contact us.

You may also choose to pay a thousand dollars to design your site (if you can afford it) and maybe even choose to pay a few hundred dollars (if your budget is low) but whether you are the first or second person, The malware design will make a big difference in your site with visitors, engagement, impact, and viral spread of everything you write.


2. Interaction with other blog comments

We as bloggers see a lot of comments on what we write, many of them annoying / spam, and few of them add real value, but this little has the magic effect and it is worth noting. If you can always be from the second team in a way that prompts the blogger to look at your comment eagerly and say, “What a man, how I wish to increase his rich comments on my blog,” you can achieve great results in your site appearing in the eyes of others through You’ve shared comments on others’ blogs.

Combine the tools you provided in Method 10 (especially Google Reader, Google Blog Search) and Method 4 (especially FollowWonk) and discover the amazing results. Google Reader subscribers will help you learn about good blogs to subscribe to, and then apply this principle to comment on all the blogs you comment on, and do a good marketing job for blogging.

Think of the name you will use in the comment and the title you will add. For reasons of integrity – especially in the label and linking of the site to the internal pages – using the name you promote for your blog or site will essentially eliminate your efforts before you begin. Use your real name and make effective partnerships that make the site owner, readers, and commentators look at you as a real, tangible person who can converse with you.

3. Join the CJ sites or you ask and the site answers

Every day around the world thousands of people are asking questions that are looking for an answer on the Internet, and many sites famous for such a service answer these questions like Google Answers, Google Ejabat, Yahoo Answers, Answers.com, Quora, StackExchange, Formspring and many more. The sites serve humanity’s thirsty information, which searches every day for answers to the most-needed questions, and yet these sites are still unable to cover all this myriad of questions.

The best strategy followed by the SJ sites was not just answering any questions that came immediately, but the answer in a strategic way was to get the highest possible value from the CJ community by connecting to places where:

 The question was its high quality, the answer to the question question without exaggeration.

The question gets a high view rate (either by knowing its ranking in question search logs or by social network referrals) and most SG sites show statistics about visitor pressure on a particular question, such as how many times it was viewed , And how many answers.

The question is something you can answer in any way, so when you answer a question, make sure to provide your answer in a way that gives a remarkable value to everyone, especially the curiosity you pay to share with others.
I also saw that it was better to waste time answering a lot of questions, to answer a few questions, to give deep answers by submitting a real post on my blog, and then to make a link to my blog there, which has several advantages. To find a new topic I write in my blog, and also if there is an audience interested in answering this question in the sites of CG will convert me a lot of people from the site SJ to my blog to read the answer, and thus enrich my blog with visitors and raise your blog My Google has.

Just be a reliable person to answer carefully when you reply, especially if you link to your blog. All those former visitors can turn into permanent zoster for your blog instead of linking to question and answer sites. I have done this with many of the sites I mentioned .

But I never put a spam link on one of these sites, without giving real value to the search engines and alerting my SEO results, and the links these people leave at all sites that allow posting links are often not followed by The conditions, as if to say to their owner, “Do not click on this link … it’s spam,” but it does not add value to the results in the search engines, depending on keywords only.

Honestly, playing in this area is very dangerous, but if you are credible, honest and talented, you can attract a great and valuable audience by participating in such sites.

4. Subscribe to RSS and mailing lists

If someone visits your site one day and I like it very much because it adds new experience to life, you will find it on its own. “This site is great. I have to come here every time to read more of these wonderful articles.” Over 90%) that this guy will not see your site again. I do not mean that the site did not affect well, but my friend lives in a busy life, it is not natural – in the midst of this life – to remember you precisely and the Internet is full of idiots and animations.

In order to pull out these missing fans, I highly recommend Google’s most wonderful tool, Feedburner, which provides you with a free RSS Feed feed. All you are required to do is subscribe to this site and take the code to subscribe and put it in the side column of your blog , Inviting him to participate in a nice and tempting, to be aware of the updates that take place on the blog, either by e-mail, or nutrition .. Both of the common methods.

If you’re using WordPress, you have great extras to handle Feedburner.

Once you’ve done this, all you have to do is visit this site every few weeks to monitor and monitor your visitors, their numbers, what blogging they are clicking on, who they are pushing so hard, and how you can improve your performance well with those By enriching your site’s content, this course helps you to improve as a blogger, and also to earn a lot of visitors by RSS feeds.

5. Be keen to attend and host important events

Despite the enormous potential of the Internet to connect with a lot of audiences who have no geographical relationship with each other, it is still significant that bloggers need to increase their audience, increase their visitors, not only, but also expand their reach among people.

Of course, the people you meet and interact with in the real world are enriching your blog with a lot of analytics and observations, which are probably quite true. These interviews turn into a very important addition to your blog / site. The translation of this is found in the guest blog, which adds a pen to your blog, the links you have posted on different websites, tweets, share posts, other blogs, and any development you do for your real business.

As for the events, I am a big supporter of Lanyrd, a service to organize any event you want to work and connect to social networks, to see from among all your followers who will be at the event according to their geographic distribution. This greatly benefits you in knowing which interviews, conferences, gatherings you would like to attend, and who can accompany you on your way there.

What I liked most was the great answer of the Lanyrd founder on Quora about other search guides for managing and tracking events for other sites (competition) and that made me like this site more than others.

6. Use your email to market your blog

As a blogger you are likely to send a lot of emails to others, who use the Internet and have the ability to help you and spread your work without knowing. You should not ignore e-mail as a way to promote yourself, your business and therefore your blog. When you talk about a topic, simply treat it by using an article you wrote from your blog and it has something to do with what you’re talking about. I used blogging to answer a lot of questions If you have received the same question more than once through different people, I will simply answer this question through a post / article, and then in the future when I ask the same question again, I only insert the link in the answer and shorten the time, and in the same Time – and most important – I promote more for my blog.

Also, you should not ignore the use of your signature in the e-mail and prove it and make it a special form allows the promotion of the blog more and more. I can follow this signature interestingly through the services of a site such as Bit.ly I short link, and put it at the end of my email page as a signature, and then monitor the results and statistics from the site Bit.ly to know how many people visited my blog through this link. Of course there is no need to exaggerate and say that this method will bring a lot of visitors, I have no doubt that it will bring a few, but also full abstention will not bring this little number, you can compare a small number, and zero.