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Advantages And Disadvantages of eCommerce Businesses!

E-commerce is the commercial transactions via electronic means such as the Internet in telephones and computers. As the number of Internet users increases, e-commerce will be the main way of completing business transactions. Buyers and businesses will be affected by e-commerce. Doing business online with 7 Figure Cycle has become a necessity, Everything from food and clothing to entertainment and furniture can be purchased online.

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Advantages of e-commerce

E-commerce is the sale and purchase of goods, services or information online, and is the fastest way to sell and buy using the Internet internal or external, and easy to find products, and services are offered day and night, and there are many services that Reach customers easily, and there are no geographical restrictions to access services and products.

E-commerce provides low sales costs, and there is no need for a real place for the company. It is easy to start and manage the business. Customers can choose products from various services easily without moving from home, and help re-engineering business processes. Increase production, and reduce the cost of telecommunications, the Internet is much cheaper than value added networks Value Added Networks.

All financial transactions will become electronic, so soon conversion will be less expensive, all financial transactions through e-commerce payment will be much cheaper, and allow you to conduct e-commerce without the need for stores, and allows you to invest without the existence of infrastructure, and Other common things, companies need only a privileged location and good customer service.

E-commerce helps us move better with more commercial safety, lets you work with more control as well as flexibility, you can also save time and effort with e-commerce, and help you compare prices between many service providers, so you can save More money when shopping.

E-commerce leads to increased customer base When a website exists, the store can have an international customer base, you can provide employees, you can save the store price (or stores) and save related costs such as rent, electricity, gas, Water and others, and customers can find everything they seek without moving from their places, and reduce the time between payment of money and access to products and services.

The purchase of products is no longer limited to nearby shops, it is possible to buy from abroad. There is a huge amount of information available on the Internet, which is more than the work team in any store. There are many sites that allow customers to 7 Figure Cycle Review products or services that Purchased which increases buyer confidence, and companies can expand their markets at the local and international markets with minimal capital invested.

E-commerce helps companies reduce costs, improve the brand image of the company, help companies deliver better services to customers, help simplify business processes, make them faster and more efficient, reduce the many worksheets, increase production and quality of products, It helps the delivery of services and products to rural areas and helps the government to provide public services such as health care, education and social services at a reduced cost with further improvements.

It is easy to find a display of all the products on the Internet, and e-commerce provides the time where you can identify products and receive them in a few days at home, and instant transactions enable you to e-commerce and do not wait for 30 days for some other types of payment, Transactions are cleared immediately.

The e-commerce application provides the user with more options and faster delivery of products. The customer can comment on this product, read the comments of others on the product, help reduce the cost of products, e-commerce offers virtual auctions and increase competition between companies. As a result, companies offer substantial discounts to customers, customers do not need to travel to shop for the product, reduce road traffic and reduce air pollution

E-commerce increases the scope of the market to an international and international scale, increasing consumers, better suppliers, and more convenient partners, quickly and easily, reducing the costs of creating, processing, distributing, saving and retrieving paper information, , And allow some people to own products and goods not available in their countries of origin, and enable you to shop and finish transactions 24 hours a day, on any day of the year, and from anywhere on the surface of the earth. Internet, you can compare goods easily.

E-commerce enables digital products such as 7 Figure Cycle e-books to be sent quickly and easily, enables customers to access information within seconds, allows participation in virtual auctions, allows customers to exchange experiences and opinions about products and services, allows work from home, Reduces time and effort in shopping.

The disadvantages of e-commerce

Any person, whether good or bad, can start working on the Internet easily, there are many bad sites that take the money of customers, there is no guarantee of the quality of products, and some mechanical failures can cause unexpected effects on all operations on the Internet, Internet access is still expensive for many people, and communication is slow in many countries.

There is less opportunity for direct customer interaction with the company, and customers are always trying to choose, and there are many hackers who are looking for opportunities to penetrate the sites of these companies, the e-commerce site, services and payment site are vulnerable to attack in the Internet, some customers do not trust Anonymous sellers who do not see them, do not trust paperless transactions, no electronic criticism, and many legal issues related to piracy have not yet been resolved in electronic commerce.

You must check your site security certificates before you conduct online financial transactions to avoid stealing your personal information, e-commerce facilitates access to anything on the Internet, and the consumer can not actually touch the products until they are delivered at the door, some customers would like Touch the products before you buy them. Return policy should be displayed before buying, and make sure to make goods return an option when you buy when you do not have high quality.

You have to check the cost of the product, shipping, transportation and potential taxes where there are hidden charges not shown on the purchase invoice but will appear on the bill of payment. There are transport charges that may occur with international purchases, and some hackers on the Internet are breaking E-commerce sites, and steal the information contained in them, including customer card numbers and can be destroyed or destroyed these sites and viruses and disable and erase data.

E-commerce increases competition among products. Some consumers may hesitate to buy from a company they have never heard of, lead to slower interaction with these companies, and companies with competitors on the Internet may find it difficult to obtain market share. There are not enough sellers and buyers in many applications; e-commerce is profitable, and may cause people to break up with one another.

E-commerce reduces interaction with customers, and when goods return is inconvenient and expensive (if the product is large and heavy, the site can seize your money, and may have the intention not to deliver the goods, the product may be free of The quality of the quality and the lack of space Bandwidth for telecommunications Despite the breadth of the Internet and its complexity, despite the large number of commercial activities through which there is a constant change in the software.

The software used in the management of e-commerce sites sometimes change, which requires constant updating, and sometimes expensive cost, and the incompatibility of some e-commerce programs with some data applications, which leads to non-utilization of these applications, and there are some problems because of the breakdown E-commerce sites because of hacker attack on them.

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What You Need To Manage Advertising Campaigns On All Platforms

If you want to learn how to manage advertising campaigns on all the 7FigureCycle.com sites Media Media you should learn how to work ads on both (Facebook, Anistkram – Twitter – Google AdWords – LinkedIn – ads emit) and should not stop at that limit, but even Be a professional in managing advertising campaigns You should do many and many advertising campaigns on these platforms. Repetition teaches brute

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What you need to learn in order to manage advertising campaigns

First, you should learn how to create a blog, website or landing page because a customer may ask you to design a landing page for a product or service and perhaps you may be asked to create a full site. If you do not know how to make pages on the Internet, you need to contact a third party or learn WordPress (learn WordPress now).

Second: You should have a good knowledge of the design and graphics programs at least 50 per million, which helps you to design your advertising campaign professionally.

Thirdly, you must have previous work and actual results from your previous ad campaigns because the customer may ask you to trust you.

Of course – you should learn how to find the customer who is looking for you either in the search engines or social media sites, and you have to make an appropriate bid at least at the beginning of the first 3 months. It is very important that the customer trusts in your abilities because each customer is always looking for the best marketer He runs his advertising campaign in terms of honesty and experience.

Who is the most needy category to marketers to manage advertising campaigns remotely

Mostly in the following cities in the Arab world “Saudi Arabia – UAE – Kuwait – Jordan”, which are large companies or institutions freelancer to work with them remotely and there are also many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are asking a marketer to manage their advertising campaigns.

Most of these areas are:

1- The field of tourism, travel, trips and hotel reservations.

2- General contracting and real estate fields.

3. Areas of distance training.

4 – owners of electronic shops that sell online products.

5 – Owners of products with low demand and the cost of the product is very large, such as “insurance companies and research products gold and metals”